Are you ready to start earning 50% recurring commission EVERY single month for each and every customer you acquire that stays active?!

Step 1) Sign Up With

Visit and click on Create Account at the top of the page.


Step 2) Fill Out The Required Form

Make sure you remember your newly created account nickname so we can use it to generate your link in just a minute!

Step 3) Getting Your Affiliate Link To Promote The Service
EXAMPLE: If you created a clickbank account with the nickname “jolly54” then your affiliate link would be

Please ensure you use this exact link or you may not get credit for it.
Checking Your Sales
After you make a sale you will be able to see it in Clickbank after logging in to with your username and password.

Checking Your Clicks & More
You may also check how many clicks as well as tons of other information about your account by clicking on the “Reporting Tab” then clicking on “Analytics”.